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Will car GPS locator affect car battery life?

Generally speaking, wiring gps locator will inevitably cause the loss of battery power due to the need to connect the vehicle battery to work. The old-style gps locator continuously locates and transmits because it does not have an intelligent working function.


However, most new GPS locators consume less power, and some have intelligent working functions. For example, the TKSTAR GPS locator TK720(Relay GPS tracker) has a built-in 3D motion sensor, which can determine the vehicle's operating status by detecting the car's body vibrations.



When the vehicle is stopped, the device enters the standby state. At this time, it does not communicate with the satellite to search satellite positioning. It only sends a heartbeat packet data to ensure that the GPS is online. This deep standby state consumes more power than the car battery self-discharge Small, can be ignored, so it has no effect on the car battery.


When the vehicle is on fire, the device's motion sensor will detect the car's body vibration, the GPS locator will enter the working state, and communicate with the satellite in real time, which will not affect the use of GPS.

Therefore, the power consumption of a car GPS locator depends on the power consumption and function of the locator. Generally speaking, it will not affect the life of the car battery. The owner can use it with confidence.